Follow everyones progression at the scoreboard. Push the headings to sort each column in the order you’d like. If you missed your chance to register and compete, welcome back next year!

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First name
Last name
JohanMalmqvistSwedenC1, C3, C4, C7159−1035.04
OlleBergmanSwedenC1, C459−1050
Dana DobrinSwedenC1, C3, C489−544
Lars-GunnarMalmqvistSwedenC1, C2391199
NicklasKlittestenSwedenC1, C3, C4, C513904.3382.33
MargaretaLindholmSwedenC1, C2, C470044.5
LasseSödergrenSwedenC1, C3491199
MayaHåpnesNorwayC1, C232DNF-100
MatsLundgrenSwedenC1, C2391051
Simon IssaSwedenC1, C3, C4, C5134DNF-100
ErikKihlbergSwedenC1, C237DNF-100
CarinLundgrenSwedenC1, C2, C478DNF-100
ClaesLindblomSwedenC1, C238DNF-100
CarolineForslundSwedenC1, C2, C476DNF-100
MathiasNeuendorffSwedenC1, C2, C4, C5128DNF-100
MonaSundbäckSwedenC1, C4591070
SammyHerrSwedenC1, C455040
AndersBjörkmanSwedenC1, C455020
Sandra HögbackSwedenC1, C568DNF-100
MikaelBrolinSwedenC1, C2, C4731025
JimmyJanssonSwedenC1, C562DNF-100
RinaMasharawiSwedenC1, C2, C474DNF-100
Daniel StahreSwedenC1, C444DNF-100
Anna-LenaHögbackSwedenC1, C2, C589580
JohannaLindströmSwedenC1, C4, C5103?20

Always remember…

  • We compete at different levels and one category can be a greater achievement than three for one person compared to another
  • We cheer and support our fellow competitors and are happy to see own and others succeed
  • We believe in everyones own judgement to register honest. If you have any doubt or suspect cheeting, contact the judge

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