This years summer challenge is over. With many international competitors for the first time. A special congratulations to Maya Håpnes, the first none Swede ever to make the top three! (after calculating the national procentage… Otherwise she would accually be nr 2)

This years winners are Johan Malmqvist, Håkan Lennartsson and Helene Lindberg, and if you count the CatRank Johan finished #1. But, everyone that made it to the finishline with points over zero we consider winners, hope you understand why and feel the same way!

The last day of competition J.Malmqvist Training invited competitiors and clients to a great day of fun including a special danceclass featuring Sandra Castagna, gps quiz by J.Malmqvist and top class barbeque made by the great chef Pelle Clareus alias Heta kocken !

For you that couldn’t attend, keep the eyes out for next year!

For you that finished the challenge, we’ve made a special summerchallenge shirt (cotton or functional material) White or Black. Print on the front, back (The summer starts here) and right sleave) If you are interested in buying, don’t hesitate to contact us! Price 50 euros, for one or 75 euros for two, ex. shipping.

Finally. If you want to meet some of the competitors, The headcoach and get super motivated, come along to J.Malmqvist adventure trip! October 16-23. Crete, Greece, all inclusive. 20% of regular price for all that finished the challenge! (to follow the news and get more offers, sign up for the newsletter at and/or follow us on Facebook)

Thanks for all great effort this year.

We hope to see you again in the future, somewhere, pushing it to the limit! Best regards / J.Malmqvist